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Data cables, fuel resistant




Use of Cable
as connecting cable for the internal and external wiring of filling-station pumps, petrol station systems, data collection systems and in such areas where an increased oil- and petrol resistance is demanded or regulated by law. Also suitable for laying directly in the ground.
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Product information "A-Y(ST)YÖ"
Special features
  • free from lacquer damaging substances and silicone (during production)
  • conform to RoHS
  • conform to 2014/35/EU-Guideline ("Low-Voltage Directive") CE
  • We are pleased to produce special versions, other dimensions, core and jacket colours on request.
Conductor material: Bare copper strand
Conductor class: Acc. to DIN VDE 0295 class 5 resp. IEC 60228 cl. 5
Core insulation: PVC
Core identification: Black with numerals
Shield: Single core with plastic clad aluminium foil
Overall stranding: Cores stranded in layers with drain wire
Outer sheath: PVC, oil and petrol resistant
Sheath colour: Black or blue
Rated voltage: 240 V
Testing voltage: 800 V
Min. bending radius fixed: 5 x d
Min. bending radius moved: 15 x d
Operat. temp. fixed min/max: -40 °C / +70 °C
Operat. temp. moved min/max: - 5 °C / +70 °C
Standard: Acc. to DIN VDE 0282 part 4

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A-Y(ST)YÖ 10.01.01
Data cables, fuel resistant
240V, element shielded, UV-resistant, direct burial
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