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BUS | FIELDBUS cables for industrial & process automation

ASi-BUS Aktor Sensor Interface - HF


Use of Cable

as fieldbus cables for ASi (Actuator Sensor Interface) systems, in the field of factory automation, for connecting devices to the lowest field level (sensors, actuators), for high flexible applications (e.g. power chains, gantry robots, pick&place units, conveyors, machine tools, automated production systems, etc.).

Data & energy are transmitted via an unscreened, geometrically coded two-core flat cable.
Standard acc. to EN 50295 / IEC 62026

Product variants
Product information "ASi-BUS Aktor Sensor Interface - HF"
Special features
  • low adhesion
  • special geometry prevents incorrect contacting (reverse polarity protection)
  • simple & quick installation without tools (piercing technology)
  • oil resistant: acc. to DIN EN 60811-2-1
  • UV-resistant
  • conform to RoHS
  • conform to 2014/35/EU-Guideline ("Low-Voltage Directive") CE
  • LABS-/silicone-free (during production)
  • FRNC: Flame Retardant Non Corrosive, halogen free
  • LD - Long Distance
Conductor material: Copper strand tinned
Conductor class: Super fine wire, acc. to IEC 60228 cl. 6
Core insulation: TPE
Core identification: Blue, brown
Outer sheath: PUR
Sheath colour: Yellow RAL 1023 (YE) or black RAL 9005 (BK)
Rated voltage: 300 V (not for high voltage purposes)
Testing voltage: 2 kV
Conductor resistance: 13,7 Ω/km - 1,5mm²; 8,21 Ω/km 2,5 mm²
Capacity: Nom. 80 nF/km
Min. bending radius fixed: 12 mm
Min. bending radius moved: 60 mm
Operat. temp. fixed min/max: -40°C / +80°C
Operat. temp. moved min/max: -30°C / +70°C
Burning behavior: Acc. to IEC 60332-1-2, FT2
Resistant to oil: Acc. to IEC 60811-2-1
Approvals: UL/CSA - cURus 300V, 80 °C, AWM
Acceleration: Max. 3 m/s²

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ASi-BUS Aktor Sensor Interface
BUS | FIELDBUS cables for industrial & process automation
for fixed installation & limited flexible applications, UL/CSA
Item count 10
BUS | FIELDBUS cables for industrial & process automation
for high flexible applications (drag chain, robotic & festoon) UL/CSA
Item count 12